Introduced to Bikram-style yoga 11 years ago, Annalisa was hooked from day one, after leaving her first class feeling energized and completely worn out, all at the same time. A former collegiate soccer player and avid athlete her entire life, the euphoria Annalisa found after each hot yoga class was the perfect compliment and supplement to her hectic life. It was her mental and physical escape. After discovering Vinyasa, she knew she wanted to share her love of yoga with others.


Students of all levels benefit from Annalisa’s classes because she not only understands the athlete and the wear and tear your body sustains after years of training, but also relates to the more initially reluctant practitioners who may not be naturally flexible or don’t think yoga is for them. She offers powerful yet playful flow classes that will simultaneously leave you invigorated, centered and calmed. She encourages students of all abilities to find time on their mat as she believes yoga is for everybody and every body.

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