Vibe Yoga Lounge was founded by Allison Bogart, whose passion for yoga was sparked years ago while living in Boston, MA.


Yoga is more than a stress relief. It provides us with a chance to look around and appreciate the role we play in the lives of others, which hopefully will lead to understanding what we each have to offer. It is about finding strength, focus and outlook on life — both inside and outside the yoga studio.


Allison formed Vibe Yoga Lounge based upon a sense of community. Defined, a community is a place for gathering. It is a place where hearts and people can connect - a place where relationships develop through face to face interaction. These are changing times in which more and more yogis are learning yoga through Instagram, and they practice by themselves or watching their laptop. While such a learning experience has merit, nothing can take the place of the learning you acquire and the energy you feel in a yoga studio filled with other people. The result is a dynamic community where individuals are invited to practice and thrive.

VIBE YOGA LOUNGE  ·  57 MAIN STREET  ·  CHESTER, NJ  ·  07930  ·  201-323-5021